I’m back, and (hopefully) better than ever!

Welcome to the new and improved My Mommy Doodles! Thanks to those of you who followed me over here, and welcome to those of you who are new!

I attempted to get tech savvy and export/import my prior blogs, but have failed. I came. I saw. I did not conquer.

But! Do not despair. Based on positive feedback from family, friends, and super nice foks I’ve never even met, I’ve amped up my game by making an official website (ooh la la!). Here you will find a link to my Instagram, blog posts, designated pages for different types of doodles, nods to inspirational/funny stuff, and who knows what else.

Bear with me, as I do still have two kids to ┬átake care of and that (not-so) little thing called my career, so my time is hilariously limited. Though it seems as if the less free time I have, the more stuff I manage to cram in. Don’t underestimate this overachieving mommy.

Stay tuned!

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