Who’s the Boss?

So let’s talk threenagers, shall we?

Let’s be honest… none of us really know what we’re doing on this journey of parenting. Today I learned that I have successfully taught my daughter the functionality of stop lights. Not only does she see the stop lights and stop signs when we are driving (as a safety nut, I am thrilled by this), but she also has taken this knowledge to a more philosophical level. Today, while my husband and I were discussing (understandably boring) work-related things, she raised her voice and declared: “Stop talking because you are at a red light!” Alrighty then… guess she told me.

So then I started thinking about all of things that I do that my daughter tells me to stop doing. How dare I do these things! Here’s a sampling:

  • Stop singing to the music. I can’t hear it if you sing it.
  • Stop doing work. You need to help me build the tallest tower in the world.
  • Stop closing your eyes. It’s not nighttime.
  • Stop with your hugs and kisses. We already did those.
  • Stop swinging. Swings are for kids, not grown ups.
  • Stop coloring. Just watch me color.
  • Stop playing the guitar like that [strumming, correctly); this is how you do it [bangs guitar, incorrectly].
  • Stop helping me [do something I obviously need help doing].
  • Stop telling me to calm down. I want to cry!
  • Stop turning the light off. But don’t turn the light on. (eh?)
  • Stop dancing. That’s not how you dance. (she may have a valid point here)

Of course there are a million things I could add to this list, and even more that will be added as my children grow older (i.e. “stop doing that; you’re embarrassing me”). So for now I’ll just enjoy the sass while it comes out cute without any bite.

What kinds of things do you do that your threenagers won’t stand for?

This mommy is off to bed. Goodnight, friends!


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