You Should Go and Love Yourself…

Happy first week of October, friends!

Today was a day off of school, so it was slightly rough. We’re finally getting adjusted to our new routine, and then…BAM!…a deviation from the new routine. Needless to say, I’m thrilled that today is finally over, and I’m even more thrilled to be enjoying a nice glass of wine. Cheers!

So what better way to kick off a relaxing evening at home than a new blog post?

My daughter threw me a softball today, so I’m running with it. When I was a kid (and still now, let’s be honest), my dad would ask (and still asks…) “Who loves you?!” Not surprisingly, since we all turn into our parents, I’ve started asking this question of my kids. Just in the past couple of weeks, my daughter’s response to this question is “I LOVE MYSELF!” (enthusiasm included).

Now, I’ll be 100% honest and admit that I’m not completely sure why she is saying this. There is a strong possibility that she’s saying this because she’s heard the Biebs (is that what they cool kids call him?) “Love Yourself” one time too many. But, for sake of this post, I’m going to forget about this little tidbit. Just go with it, people.

I never really had a vision for myself in terms of what “type” of mother I would be. I’m a planner by nature, but for the big picture of parenting, I wasn’t very prepared in this regard. I decided that my goals as a mom would be on the macro level (tapping into my economics background here…I cant help myself).

I keep a generalized list in my head on a daily basis when I’m parenting. None of us is perfect.┬áIf I’m doing my best to accomplish the things on this list, then I feel as if I’m doing my best as a parent. Needless to say, this list applies not only to how I encourage my children to behave, but also to how I and my husband behave in front of our children (we learn by example, don’t we?):

  • Am I teaching kindness towards others?
  • Am I teaching tolerance of differences?
  • Am I teaching good communication skills?
  • Am I teaching a good work ethic?
  • Am I teaching how to fail gloriously and learn from failure?
  • Am I teaching to give back to those who have less?
  • Am I teaching honesty?
  • Am I teaching respect for our planet and environment?
  • Am I teaching self respect?
  • Am I teaching being true to oneself?
  • Am I teaching a pursuit of interests?
  • Am I teaching how to say no and stand up for oneself?
  • Am I teaching how to show love for others?
  • Am I teaching a love of learning and a love of books?
  • Am I teaching an appreciation of art?
  • Am I teaching a sense of humor?
  • Am I teaching compassion and empathy?
  • Am I teaching self reliance?
  • Am I teaching self-care?
  • Am I teaching a love of the outdoors and fresh air?
  • Am I teaching basic life skills?
  • Am I teaching manners?
  • Am I teaching the importance of a healthy lifestyle?
  • Am I teaching an understanding of one’s own boundaries and comfort zone?
  • Am I teaching problem solving skills?
  • Am I teaching an appreciation for what one has?
  • Am I teaching independence?

We keep things pretty light in this house. We’re not a very serious bunch. But when it comes to crafting my little humans into good people, I’m as serious as can be. We have two main jobs as parents: (1) keep your kids safe, and (2) teach them to be good people. So far I’m doing okay. My daughter loves herself, even if due to Justin Bieber.

Keep on keepin’ on.


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