You’re So Stupid!

Today started off GREAT! (read: sarcasm).

I slept like a piece of s**t, and then both kids woke up really early. Yay!

While we were all still in our pajamas, trying to get our asses together for the day (which always takes way longer than it should), my daughter started to go through the hamper of clean clothes (folded, but not yet put away…go me).

She starts to pull out her new underwear, picked by her, one pair at a time. As she picks them out, she says to each one, in a loving voice, “You are soooooo stupid!”

Now, two observations:

(1) Obviously she has no idea what the word “stupid” actually means, as she was seemingly showering her new underpants with praise.

(2) She didn’t learn this language at home. We may have potty mouths in this house at times (no one is perfect, let’s be honest), but you bet your ass no one in this family ever calls anyone else “stupid” or any other offensive or unnecessary words.

Everyone stops in their tracks, and we have our teaching moment. You know, “‘Stupid’ is not a word we use in this house. It’s not a nice word, and you don’t use it to talk about people or things. You’re going to get a time out if you use that word again. That’s your warning.”

Cue 5 seconds later:


What is it that the experts say about three-year-olds testing boundaries? Fantabulous.

Commence the  three-minute time out that takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. Bear in mind, this is all before my husband left for work. A wonderful harbinger of the day I was about to have. A day full of screaming, crying, and tantrums of overtired little dictator people.

So what’s my point here? Well, I’m 100% confident that my daughter learned the word “stupid” at school. The same way I was confident two weeks ago, when she looked me straight in the eye while sitting on the toilet and told me she was “shitting.” Luckily, we discussed that one, and it hasn’t been said since.

What kind of funny/ridiculous/awful words and sayings have your kids come home with from school? I’d love to hear them!

Tomorrow is Friday…yessssss!

Addendum: On a serious note, since becoming a parent, I have become hyper vigilant about my own behavior. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve used the word “stupid” before, more than once. But now that I’m a mom… not anymore. I shouldn’t have done it in the first place. We all live and learn. Every word has an appropriate time and place. Don’t call other people “stupid.” It’s mean. Kids made fun of me in middle school. It sucked. I survived. Some people don’t. I’m doing my damnedest to make sure my kids don’t bully or put down anyone. We’re not a super serious bunch around here. But there’s a line between funny and mean. Let’s do better!

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