Work Hard. Stay Humble.

Hi, friends! It’s been a while. And Happy New Year, as it’s been since early December that I wrote anything. How embarrassing! I was attempting to work this afternoon, but my children have made that impossible. So I decided to work on a new blog post and postpone actual work until after they go to bed (so they won’t be able to draw on my paperwork, among other copious amounts of distractions I have learned to adapt to). Not to mention, we have the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood soundtrack on repeat right now, so I’m somewhere on the spectrum between a migraine and an aneurysm.

On a positive note, I decided to move our kid-size table and chairs out of our play room and into our dining room (where I work from usually, despite having a designated office space in our finished basement). I knew I was brilliant, but this idea was off of the charts. Right now, both of my kids are coloring while I type, instead of hanging on my legs, like they usually do. I think they think they’re working too. Score one for mommy. If you work from home, I suggest putting a little desk/table where your kids can hang out while you work. This has made all of the difference in the five days we’ve had this new set-up.

Back to the point. I wanted to check in and talk a little bit about what I’ve been up to lately. You probably noticed (or if you haven’t, you’ll see now) that I opened up an Etsy shop (see the link at the top of this site). It’s really just the first step in a long process that I’ve had up my sleeve for a while now. For the moment, I’m selling digital prints. Custom prints are also available. You can have a customized version of an already existing doodle, or something from scratch. Contact me via my Etsy shop or website and I’ll be happy to chat with you about price, etc. I’ll be branching out to prints and mugs as I move forward. Thank you all for the support!

So what’s the point? I’ve basically been hustling every day. I bought a little sign in the Dollar Spot at Target (shout out to the Dollar Spot! Who doesn’t love the Dollar Spot?). It says “Work Hard Stay Humble.” I hung it right across from where I sit at the table every day. I work when I have help with my kids, when they’re awake, when they’re asleep, and on weekends too. I’ve been clocking in extra hours on my actual legal work, drawing (mostly) every day, and working on this Etsy thing. And now I’ll be a new member and contributor to Fairfield County Moms Blog, which I’m super excited about. More on that going forward.

So, long story short, I’m the queen of adding things to my plate. I can’t help myself. It’s either a blessing or a curse. The jury is still out on this one. Either way, I think we’d all be better off if we subscribe to the notion of “work hard, stay humble.” Keep hustling. Keep working hard. Keep following your dreams and your passions. But don’t forget where you came from and the hard work it took to get to where you are. Among all of the great things my parents have taught me, that’s up there on my list of most important lessons.

Happy Hump Day, friends. Keep on keepin’on! Now excuse me while I go deal with my children. My son just flipped a side table.



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