Go Pats!

I’m trying something new here! From now on, I’ll be posting a mini-blog with every doodle. All of the things I draw are from real-life. My kids actually do and say the things I draw. Most of the time, there’s a funny little story behind it that I just can’t capture in a single doodle. So here’s mini-blog number one!

I never liked football. I’m an artsy fartsy kid from New York City. I was on student government. Football was not on this chick’s radar.

Then I met my husband. This is when I learned that sports are not a hobby, a weekend activity, or something to watch on television every now and then. No, sir. Sports are a religion. Help.

So after a lot of years, I’ve sipped on the sports kool-aid and now (for the most part) enjoy this nonsense. My kids wear jerseys on game days, and we eat dinner picnic-style in front of the television for really important games. It’s not a tradition I ever imagined having, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And for now, I’ll enjoy my kids cheering politely and adorably for their sports teams, since in only a few years, I’m sure they’ll be yelling and cursing, like my husband (much to my dismay).

Go Pats!

Good luck going into Monday, folks!

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