Lack of Acknowledgement

Every day my children’s brain capacity floors me. How do they remember everything? Why, if I only once say something I shouldn’t, does that very word get repeated over and over and over? How can my child correctly use and pronounce the word ‘acknolwedge’ when she doesn’t even know what it means? Dumb luck, perhaps? My guess is that I must have said this exact phrase to my husband within the past few days, and now my daughter is repeating it, coincidentally in the correct context. Because, let’s be honest here, folks… why would I say “I will not acknowledge that!” unless I was responding to my husband? Just kidding, hubby, just kidding. ¬†On that note, I’m off to go acknowledge the reality that I’m an old lady and need to go to bed now, after a cold glass of (wait for it…) seltzer.

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