Parenting is always full of adventures – the good, the bad, the ugly. After a long day alone with my local nutcases, we finally made it to bedtime. I came to discover that (surprise!) the water in our toilet had risen to the top. We had a clog. Oh, happy day! Now, please be advised that I grew up in New York City, where things like this have an easy solution: call the superintendent! But now, I live in suburbia and own a home. Momma’s gotta take care of this shit (get it?) So I go to the basement, get the plunger, get the kids away from the bathroom, and I take toilet matters into my own hands. Well, I successfully  unclogged the toilet, but not before I flooded the bathroom floor. Ten towels later, I had sopped up the mess. Somehow, I didn’t utter one curse word (out loud at least). But we all know that even Super Momma has her kryptonite. I forgot to remove the plunger from the bathroom. Mom brain at its finest. What happens when a toddler of questionable sanity finds a wet plunger? That’s a rhetorical question.

Happy weekend, folks.

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