Why Is It Still Winter?

I am trying to keep the humor flowing when I’m actually panicking about the future of my country. I’ll try to keep it light around here, since that’s the point of this whole page. But I hope you will all be okay with my getting serious on here sometimes. I can’t really stay quiet at the moment. I’m sure many of you feel the same.

But for the moment, I digress. This morning was cold with no sunshine, and it was Monday. As we were getting out of the car, my daughter looked at me and asked, with a straight face, “Why is it still Winter?” I had to laugh. After I stopped laughing, we had a good little conversation about the seasons and months of the year (cue the music “turn turn turn”). Then I had a good little inner monologue. I’m always freezing. Always. Winter and I do not get along, despite living on the East Coast since birth. I wore my winter hat for most of the day, while indoors, and not because I think it looks cool (though it does…har har). I think ski trips are fun for the hot chocolate. I kept a pair of fuzzy slippers under my work desk. And so, while I shared a nice story about the seasons changing, the snow melting, the flowers blooming, and then the leaves changing color, I was thinking to myself “yeah, kid…good question. Good question.” To bed I go, to dream of Spring, under my nice down comforter.

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