Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Sometimes having two kids so close in age is…ridiculous. Every day, my kids seem to be getting closer to one another. And by “closer,” I mean that they are colluding together like miniature special agents with a common goal: make mischief. ┬áDiscipline is hard in its own right. But when your kids are becoming the best friends you have been hoping they would be, it’s near impossible to tell them with a straight face to stop causing trouble. Other parents out there must have this problem too. So today, as I watched my kids roll around with each other, dance with each other, blow raspberries at each other, sneak in and out of rooms together, and kiss, hug, and hold hands, I was just damn happy. And then I looked at my house, toy destruction around every corner, and said to myself “s**t, now I have to clean this mess up.” Parenting: a lesson in mixed emotions.

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