Breaking in Bows

Kids are weird, but in the most awesome ways. This weirdness is the purest form of self expression. Frankly, it’s a shame that at some point almost all of us, inevitably as a result of social pressure (ugh…I’ve been there), stop letting our proverbial “freak flags” fly. My son, for example, is an absolute wild man. A spider monkey of sorts. When he dances, he breakdances. He puts his hands on the ground and lifts his legs in the air. I have absolutely no idea where he learned this, as literally no one in our families has even an ounce of dance skill. He’s improving with every day – alternating his legs and lifting them higher. Maybe I watched a lot of So You Think You Can Dance while I was pregnant or breastfeeding? Eh…not likely. But what else does he love to do? Every day he asks to wear my daughter’s hair bows. So this morning, I watched my hilarious little dude practice his breakdancing moves while wearing cute little bows in his hair (which isn’t really long enough for bows, but it’s adorable anyway). What a joyful and hilarious guy! (If you read this when you’re older, I hope you aren’t embarrassed). I don’t believe in stifling my kids. Want to wear hair bows? Go for it. You be you! In my mind, I’d be harming them more if I said they couldn’t do or try something. I hope my kids always let their true colors shine though (thank you, Cyndi Lauper). Embrace the weirdness. Weirdness is uniqueness, and uniqueness makes this world go ’round.

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