Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Well, I knew this day was coming – my sassypant’s first fib to someone other than us. So here’s my little Pinocchio. As context, I’ve been slacking on my daughter’s snack doodles. After the holiday break, I had a brain fart (as we call it in our house) and completely forgot to draw a snack doodle. As I was packing that day’s snack, I realized what I had done and quickly scrambled to draw something up (I did this in the corner of the kitchen like a doodle ninja in stealth mode). This doodle did not pass muster, obviously, as in the car on the way back from school I was told my doodle “was not funny.” Ouch. I had been had. Then, one day I decided to write a letter instead of drawing a doodle. That did not fly either. I was told “I did not like that. It was a lot of words. It was not a doodle.” Okay then. So today, while having a conversation with her teacher, her teacher says “Oh, I meant to ask you… Did you hurt your hand? [Pinocchio] says that you haven’t been doodling the same because your hand is hurt.” Wow. Harsh. LIES! ALL LIES! Who raised this child?! Oh, right, I did. Parenting is a trip. A thankless, but (mostly…har har) wonderful trip. I’ll be stepping up my snack doodle game from now on, I suppose. I guess I’m the puppet, and my daughter is Geppetto. You can find me in the Shitty Parents’ Club. All are welcome.

Cheers to the weekend, all!

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