Full of It

Whoever said that parents create picky eaters clearly never had children. Walk a mile in this mommy’s shoes, or rather, spend an hour at my dinner table, and you will soon realize that I have little to no control over my little food boycotters. I completely despise dinner time. On any given day, there is neither rhyme nor reason as to why food is or is not being consumed. I might as well hand my children picket signs to hold at the dinner table that say things like “YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” and “YOU WISH, MA!” So imagine my shock and awe when my daughter, who is usually the boycott ringleader, ate her entire plate of nutritious food. What is happening?! Have I stepped into an alternative universe? Am I dreaming? Or am I just really lucky, and Publisher’s Clearing House is about to ring my doorbell? And as if she knew what had just happened was an anomaly, one guaranteed to not occur again until she hits puberty, she stood up on her chair, rolled her shirt up, and proudly declared “Whoa! Look at my big belly! I am so full!” Well, kid – way to top off an epic dinner with some epic humor. I think we’ll keep you.

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