Guilty as Charged

Today my daughter had a play date scheduled for after school. I had to cancel it. Why? My son was sick all weekend. His fever finally broke overnight, but he was still cranky (and needy…just like my husband when he’s under the weather). Welcome to having two kids. It seems pretty clear that my daughter brings home all kinds of germy germs from the school cesspool, passes them onto the rest of us, but escapes unscathed almost every time. Leave it to my little guy to get slammed every time. Here’s to building immunity! So I made a new rule – I don’t tell my daughter about any play dates I’ve scheduled until the morning of said play date. This way, I avoid the following: (1) the inevitable meltdown, and (2) big sister blaming little brother for all of her problems (this is inevitable, so why add to it?). So, no harm no foul today, other than the guilt I feel for having to cancel a fun afternoon for my rugrats and the boredom of having to spend the entire afternoon in the house. And as a side benefit, I used today as an excuse to not shower and wear slippers all day, which is always a plus.

I should add, however, that little brother often ruins play dates, even when they aren’t cancelled. Like last week, when my daughter’s friend came over and ended up playing with my son. They even hugged each other before my daughter got a hug. So, as you can see, little brothers ruin everything, despite mommy’s best efforts. I’m sensing a theme here.

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