Wishful Thinking

We’re expecting a foot of snow here, so naturally my kids are excited. Who doesn’t love playing in the snow? Truth be told, this gal (but that’s neither here nor there…this is about the kids, right?). At some point, my daughter started associating snow with Christmas, as if the two go hand in hand. We jaded adults know that snow doesn’t actually come every Christmas. In fact, I can remember only one or two Christmas Eves/Days that were actually “white.” But, considering we have watched Rudolph and Frosty a cagillion times (thumpety thump thump!), obviously my toddler would associate the two together. And what else would a toddler associate with Christmas? Gifts, of course! Let me go back (waaaay back) and tap into a class I took in college called Logic. If I remember correctly, it goes something like this: If A is B, and B is C, then A is C. So, in my child’s brain, if snow is Christmas, and Christmas is gifts, then snow is gifts! Logical! Actually, no. You will not be receiving gifts tomorrow morning, other than the gift of still being a toddler and not having to shovel it. Now that’s a gift!

Have fun hunkering down tomorrow, folks! And if you live in a warmer climate, then to you I say… no, nevermind. My mother once told me if I don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

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