Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

I’m sure lots of you parents out there, especially those of you who stay home like I do, can relate to this. My children have both been in extremely needy phases. My son is a champion whiner, and my daughter is a master manipulator. This afternoon she asked me about ten times, while I attempted to respond to an important email, “Mooooooommmmmmyyyyy, pleeeeeeaaaaase play with me, because I loooooooove you!” Thanks for laying on the guilt real thick, kid. Then her magnet block tower fell, and she asked me to help her rebuild it. “Sure,” I said, “just give me a minute to finish this up.” How did she respond? By coming over to me and yelling at me “NO! NOT IN A MINUTE! NOOOOW!” Um, no. We had a nice little chat and life lesson about that one and a good hug-it-out.

Anyway, my daughter wanted me to “play” with her, and I use quotation marks because she didn’t actually want me to play at all. Today, what she wanted me to do was sit on the floor while she played. Let me provide a list for you:

Things mommy could not do:

  • build with blocks
  • touch figurines
  • read a book
  • color
  • speak

Things mommy could do:

  • Sit quietly and not move

In fact, she perched on a chair and declared (I kid you not): “Ahem! Ahem! This is my chair where I will sit while I tell you the rules!” What? I’m sorry. When did my adorable squishy baby become a dictator? I mean, I know I boss my husband around, but I can’t be that bad (that was a joke, unless you couldn’t tell).

Needless to say, we had another little chat about what “playing together” means. We built the most super awesome castle with magnet blocks, and then she decided to pick up a book and entertain herself for a very long time (while my son napped), so I wrote this blog post and did this doodle. I’ll take it. Just when you think your kids are going to suck every last ounce of patience out of you, they turn around and throw you a giant bone.

Friday, I love you. T-minus four hours until my glass of vino.

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