High Tea

Today we were snowed in, and the boys slept late (no fair), so my daughter and I had some girl time in the early morning. Obviously, like the good mommy robot I am, I headed straight to the coffee maker. While my mommy breakfast juice brewed, my daughter sat down at the kitchen table, looked at me and said, without missing a beat, “Mommy! Come sit. Let’s chat and have some tea.” I’m sorry, what? Are we British? Are we having cucumber sandwiches too? Let’s wear big hats with pastel flowers on them (see doodle). And, let me be very clear, if it’s not already crystal clear from the type of writing I do in the first place: I am not┬áthe high tea type. Frilly dresses and flower hats? Nightmare! I’m more of the oversized t-shirt and fuzzy slippers (with glass of wine, duh) type. But being a mom takes you out of your own skin and makes you do crazy stuff. So I sat my ass down and had some tea. Pinkies out!

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