Personal Space

We’re smack in the middle of a rude phase, and I was not prepared. If this is a precursor to having a teenager, then you can find me hiding in a corner somewhere. We are attempting to nip it in the bud, obvi. Today she told me, and I quote “keep your hands to yourself!” In her defense, this is apparently something her teachers say at school. But context is clearly lost on preschoolers. I appreciate her understanding of personal space, however. I’ll give her that one. She’s been telling me to “stop” at least ten times a day and has started talking with her hand up, waving it (you know, “talk to the hand” style). I’m a kindness nut, so I’m seriously trying to kick this bad habit out the door before it gets out of hand. Anyone else’s almost-four-year-old in a bitchy phase? I’m expecting her to tell me tomorrow that I can’t sit with her at the breakfast table, and I’ll end up eating my breakfast on the toilet, a la Mean Girls. Help!

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