Honesty Is The Best Policy?

When you’ve started a blog centered around humor, and your kid flatly tells you that you are not funny, you momentarily reevaluate things. Then you step back for a second and realize that the person evaluating your humor is a toddler, and you reevaluate your reevaluation.

One day I will miss these years of pure honesty and lack of filter. Some day, not too long from now I’m sure, my kids’ honesty won’t be so adorable. “I don’t think you’re funny” will be more like “I don’t like you; get away from me!” So while the honesty still has a high cuteness factor, I’ll eat it up. I’m sure I’ll be doodling them when they are teenagers too (which I know they’ll love…right?).

For context, I was dancing like an absolute fool when my daughter said this. And the lesson she learned? No, I will not stop acting a fool simply because you tell me I’m not funny. Yes, I’m that mom. And for the record, my husband is that dad. There’s no such thing as a “cool” parent, at least to your own kids. No matter how I act, my kids will always think I’m an embarrassment. So why not ham it up?

Have a relaxing Sunday, everyone (or at least attempt it…)!

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