Love is the Greatest Gift of All

We’re coming off of a really fun weekend in our house. And unlike usual, when I’m exhausted and ready to get back to our usual routine, I’m actually wishing for another day. Now, don’t get on my case about my usual feelings about the weekend. My kids just do better with a schedule. And frankly, I do too. Type-A mommy loves her schedule!

But something about this weekend was just great. Our kids just love each other lately. They always have, but lately the have amped up the love factor. I want to eat them up, so to speak. They haven’t stopped hugging and kissing each other for weeks now. Awwww!

Our daughter has been so excited for her brother’s birthday. She didn’t ask for one thing when we shopped for him. She helped me decorate his cupcakes, helped him open his presents today (for our first celebration with family), and was not one bit jealous when he got all of the attention.

I know my usual shtick is to get a little (or a lot) sarcastic about the things my kids say and do. But this weekend was just picture perfect. I would bottle it up if I could.

I hope our kids stay this close forever. They’re so different, yet two peas in a pod. Frankly, we’re winging this parenting thing half of the time in this house. But I hope we’re doing a good job. Our kids are happy, they know we love them, and they love each other. And as our bigger munchkin says, “Love is the greatest gift of all.”

And for those wondering: She was quoting a book we really like in this house called Love is You and Me, which is about a dog and a mouse who are best friends through it all.

Good vibes going into Monday, folks. I’m sure tomorrow my kids will be back to driving me up the wall. But for now, I’m basking in the glow.

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