I Want to be Alone!

Do you ever have moments when your child says or does something and you think to yourself: That’s my kid, alright!?

Welcome to my life. My daughter is my little spirit animal, and my son is my husband’s. Granted, their personalities could change over time, but as we stand right now, we have a Mom 2.0 and Dad 2.0 situation going on.

So color me shocked (yes, I use this expression a lot) when my daughter declares (daily) that she wants to have some alone time, closes her door, and proceeds to read quietly on her bed. That’s my kid, alright!

What do you think I did most as a child? Hang out in my room, happily by myself. I read books, drew pictures, and listened to music while reading the lyrics. How Emo of me. No, not really. That was a joke. Sort of.

I get the feeling. Sometimes I just need a break from people. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child and grew up in a pretty quiet household. Maybe it’s genetic. Who knows. Regardless, I get it. Sometimes you just need a minute, or two, or sixty, to regroup and just be alone. To be you, and just you.

To my little introverted lady – keep on keepin’ on. Introverts are awesome.

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