Monday… Oh No!

Sorry for the radio silence of late on the blog. The past week or so has kicked my mommy ass. I somehow managed to squeeze in a few doodles, but something had to give (that something being my blogs).

But do not despair! I’ve carved out a few minutes before I go pass out to write up a quickie on this Monday that is finally coming to a close.

As far as Mondays go, today was really not so bad… until the very end. I will spare you the details. I frankly should have been in bed hours ago.

We ate dinner early, since my smaller small fry is finally coming out of a nasty virus. Considering we were on day four of cabin fever, everyone was shockingly well behaved (read: tolerable).

After our early dinner, my daughter announces that “Today is an “Oh No!” Day!” How apropos, in light of today being Monday! I should have known what was coming (you know, that whole harbinger thing). I should have suited up immediately for a bedtime battle as soon as she warned me.

Two hours after an epic bedtime battle, mommy somehow managed to draw up a doodle and write up this little diddy.

And on that note, I’m ready to sleep off my case of the Mondays.

I hope you all survived yours unscathed, or at least minimally scathed (yes, I just made that up for effect).

Mama out.

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