Daddy is a Fart!

Happy Friday, y’all!

Today was a snow day here in Connecticut. That meant school was closed. That never bodes well. But shockingly, my rugrats were so well behaved and adorable all day, from start to finish. Pigs have flown, people.

We capped off a shockingly good day with some good old fashioned humor, at the expense of my husband (because why not, and who better?).

Somehow, “Daddy is a Fart!” was the tag line of the night. My son can’t quite speak in full sentences yet, but he definitely knows what a fart is and can (very clearly) make a fart sound on command.

This ridiculousness went on for quite some time during our bedtime story. Eventually, I had to act like a real parent, put the kibosh on that, and tell them to settle down.

And my poor husband… he just sat there like a champ and took the mockery. It’s definitely not the first time he’s been called a “fart.”

And if it was, then let me join in on the fun: My husband is a Fart. You heard it here first, folks.

On that note – I’m off to sleep on the couch after this one, I’m sure. #sorrynotsorry #thecouchiscomfy

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