Go Away, Daylight Saving!

The title of this post pretty much speaks for itself. I’m writing it anyway.

As if we parents needed more stuff to give us daily headaches and aneurysms, the world has blessed us with Daylight Saving Time. I will cut you, DST.

Frankly, my children have never been affected by it (basically at all) until this year. And holy moly, what an effect it was.

For some reason that I cannot explain, all in the last week, our kids (most likely colluding behind our backs) decided to shift to a later schedule. So for the last few days, they have been going to bed an hour later and waking up an hour later. So instead of being on a 6-to-6 schedule, they were on a 7-to-7 schedule. That was fine, because 6AM is really early to wake up, and 6PM is really early to go to bed. I was down with the 7-to-7 jam.

Enter DST.

Now my kids are on some completely awful 8-to-8 nonsense. What is that the experts say? “Never wake a sleeping baby?” Well, news flash! We have to wake them up now, in order to dress them, feed them, brush their teeth, get them in the car, and get them to school and other activities.

So imagine my sheer and utter joy when we had to wrestle my daughter into bed last night, all the while her telling us “but the sun is out! It’s not bedtime yet!” (yes, yes it is, go the heck to sleep). And then imagine my even further joy when we had to wake her up in order to get her to school (if you had gone to sleep on time, then you would have been awake on time…complex concepts here).

Hello, beast child! I don’t blame the girl. Who actually likes being woken up? No one, that’s who. And how does one dress, brush, feed, etc. a beast child who has been woken up before her preferred wake-up time? It’s impossible. It’s like wrestling a raging gorilla who screams like a hyena. An exercise in patience, to say the least.

I somehow dressed myself and brushed my own teeth. My face, however, did not get washed. Though I did wipe my eye crusties. Makeup? Wahahahaha. But we did make it to school on time (barely). I survived the first hour of my day! Only eleven hours left…

Now let’s get to the afternoon.

Smaller small fry still naps, but now nap happens so flipping late that he’s waking up around the time we used to be sitting down to dinner. Cue an additional WTF?! Tonight they were both in bed by 8PM but not asleep until approaching 9PM, after one rugrat broke down and the other rugrat boycotted (I’ll let you guess which kid did what).

And as an additional FU to DST, my husband now misses the mornings and the evenings with the kids. Not okay. For anyone involved. We’re an “all hands on deck” kinda fam.

I now (somehow) have to come up with a way to dig us out of this hole (incrementally, I guess). I love being busy, but I absolutely despise scrambling and being late. It’s too frantic and the kids pick up on the negative and rushed energy. I’m already a hot mess. I don’t need to be a scrambled mess too, chicken-with-my-head-cut-off style feeding them crackers for breakfast in their car seats.

And yes, I understand that this is not a “problem.” Just so everyone knows that I’m not deluded. I’m fully aware of how awesome my life is. I’m just trying to bring a little humor to my life (and your lives too). We all tend to get caught up in these small things that really don’t matter. But, let’s be honest, they’re annoying. And by bringing a little humor to it, I’m putting it behind me and moving on. I find it’s really effective for me in keeping my perspective clear. Onto the next, as they say!

And somehow I managed to doodle, blog, clean up, and fold laundry all by 11PM [Pats self on back].

Mama out.

Does DST kick you in the butt too?

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