Googy Eye!

I am writing this quickie post mostly because I want to document this cuteness for myself when I’m an old lady and need a little help remembering when my kids were little and squishy.

My little dude is two and has a speech delay. So as most of you parents out there can understand, every new thing he says is basically the best thing ever.

Last week I bought a brand new bag of googly eyes, an essential for a crazy mama like me who likes to make a ton of crap with my kids. We’ll be needing a bigger house soon so we have room for all of our crafts, since I’m too sentimental to get rid of any of them yet. Talk to me when my kids are in college, and I’ll probably still have them all. But, I digress.

Every since we got this little bag of googly eyes, little dude has been saying “googy eye!” non-stop, whether he sees one or not. Yesterday he woke up, rolled over, and started to shout “googy eye!” before he even got out of bed.

I just want to pause for a moment and make a memory here. First, there is not much cuter than my little butterball saying “googy eye” over and over again (just imagine your two year-old, in his or her two-year-old voice saying that…beststill my heart). Second, “googly eye” is a pretty awesome thing for my little dude to say, given his speech delay (proud mama here). And third, imagine how embarrassed he will be when I tell all of his friends about how cute he was walking around in a diaper saying “googy eye!” (perhaps a good anecdote for his wedding, if he wants to get married, that is).

And to any of you parents out there worried about your kid’s speech – trust your instincts! Get them evaluated and some professional help if they need it. You won’t regret erring on the side of caution.

Mama out (I think this is becoming my tag line. I’m lame, so I needed a lame tag line).

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