Howdy, after a few days of being MIA from my blog!

Tonight is the first night since daylight saving (see my previous post) that I sat down before 9pm, my house is not a pigsty, and I’ll be in bed at a reasonable hour after getting in a doodle and a blog post. My kids’ late schedule has been destroying┬áme (yes, I am being dramatic here – sue me). But after both kids woke up at a normal time today, and a skipped nap, everyone was in bed at a normal hour. We may be on the mend (I italicize ‘may’ because we all know not to count our chickens before they hatch).

Speaking of chickens (bad joke and generalizations here), that brings me to today’s post. For full disclosure: no, we do not have a banjo. We do have a guitar, however. But, in reality, this quotatable gem occurred when my daughter was playing on her keyboard. I just felt like a banjo and a cowboy hat were better fits for this one. Call it artistic license.

Bigger rugrat is a music junky like her momma. Smaller rugrat seems to be following suit, but he’s more into the dancing part for now. I suppose I can blame Daniel Tiger for this one, but she makes up a jingle for everything. I wonder where she learned that (yours truly, if you had to guess).

So today, in the middle of a play date, she started in on a jam sesh (as they say), and sang (and I quote): “This song is for the boys that I love…”

I’m sorry, what? Do you mean your daddy and your brother? Because last I checked (and I mean yesterday), you told me (and I quote again): “I only love the girls, not the boys.”

Now, to be clear, she can love whoever she wants. We’re free and easy in this house. This morning she woke up and told me she dreamt about her wedding to Princess Poppy (she wants to marry Princess Poppy because she loves her and wants to be with her forever). I couldn’t possibly discourage this. Eventually she’ll realize that Trolls aren’t real and she can’t actually marry Princess Poppy. I’m not one to break the news to her now.

So in the meantime, before real love and heartbreak become actual entities in this house (heaven forfend), I’m just eating up every minute of this hilarious adorableness (that’s a mouthful, huh?). I’m just happy she’s got a big heart, and I’m here to keep encouraging that. Plus, how could I resist drawing her in a cowboy hat playing a banjo? I mean, come on…

Cheers to the end of Monday!

Mama out!

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