Unconventional Sibling Bonding

Monday is over… hooray!

We’re coming off of a very busy weekend, followed by a very busy Monday. The rugrats passed out hard tonight, which I’m about to do myself after four hours of work. As my mom has always said: My Job is Never Done.

Tonight’s topic is sibling bonding.

I don’t claim to hold the secret to sibling closeness (I’m an only child, so my only sibling was our dog). But our little rugrats are thick as thieves, which really can’t be beat. I hope the sibling bliss lasts forever (though I know it might not).

These two are always loving on each other, and of course getting into their fair share of mischief (quite frankly, they drive me insane… let’s call a spade a spade).

Sometimes this love exhibits itself in the strangest of ways.

I threw on a show this afternoon so I could get our dinner ready without a rugrat hugging my leg. I popped my head into the living room to check in on the little rascals, and I caught my daughter chewing on my son’s toes (not hurting him, obvi). He was loving every minute.

The moment was over before I could run to get my phone. But that moment of sibling bonding will be forever etched in my brain, and of course will be permanently featured in my compendium of doodles.

So when my kids grow older and their relationship develops, I’ll remind them of how they used to snuggle on the couch holding hands, sometimes chewing on each other’s feet.

And they will be mortified.

Mama out.

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