Picky Eating 101

Hello, friends!

I’ve had some website drama (website upgrade complications), but I’m back finally. I hope you like the site’s new makeover. Please send me a message if you’re getting an error message when clicking on my link in Instagram. Much appreciated!

Tonight’s topic is a favorite of mine: picky eating.

I thought I’d present you all with a simple math equation as applied to daily parenting.

For those who don’t know (or for those who may have forgotten), I was an economics major and math minor in college. Yes, really. I’m not joking. I am very good at math (I used to be better, obvi, as it’s been a few years). I do remember the basics, however, so why not apply them to real life? That’s what math is for, right? And I’ll throw in a doodle for good measure. That’s my shtick, right? Right.

We’re all familiar with graphs. Here’s my Picky Eating 101 graph. It displays what we call an inverse proportion. In a nutshell, when one variable goes up, the other variable goes down. So here, as the nutritional value of food goes up, the likelihood of consumption goes down. The shape this relationship makes? A hyperbola. Who doesn’t love the word hyperbola?

I’ve been told by my mother that I went through a picky eating stage too. I suppose I have to believe her. I’m now a really healthy eater, so I also have to believe (knock on wood, cross fingers behind my back, etc. etc. etc.) that my daughter will one day voluntarily eat a vegetable again. Sorry, mom, for ever putting you through this.

For now, you can find me crying somewhere on the hyperbola of madness.

And thank goodness for smoothies and vitamins. Both industries will be getting some more business from this family.

Mama out.

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