Dinner Date with My Dude: And Other Adventures from a Special Day with Only One of My Rugrats

Today my husband and I did something that we haven’t done before – we each took one rugrat for a special one-on-one day.

We split the kids up a lot on weekends (special mommy or daddy time for each of them). But we’ve never split up for an entire day. Today, my husband took our daughter to work with him, armed with a backpack full of snacks and activities, and I went on my merry way with our son.

Oh, what a day.

First, let me talk about how great it was to focus all of my attention on just one child for an entire day.

True, I have only two kids (many of you have more, I am sure). True, I have a very hands-on husband who is a wonderful and involved parent. However, I am a work-at-home mom of two very busy kids, which of course splits my attention, often resulting in my doing a good impression of a chicken with its head cut off.

As I’ve mentioned before, my kids are only 21 months apart in age. I do hold a lot of mommy guilt for depriving both of my kids the one-on-one attention they wanted and needed during that first year with two kids. Get back to me when they’re adults for an update on whether I’ve scarred them for life (only half kidding).

Here is a list (I love lists!) of things we did today, just the two of us:

  1. Met a friend for breakfast and shared croissants.
  2. Shared some coffee (don’t worry, just a sip)
  3. Went to Michael’s and bought craft supplies and stickers.
  4. Walked around and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
  5. Ran to the bank (boring but really annoying with two kids)
  6. Played blocks.
  7. Had a dance party.
  8. Read books and snuggled.
  9. Went to an appointment and pressed buttons in the elevator (sister usually gets to it first)
  10. Went out on a dinner date for spaghetti and meatballs.

I had frankly forgotten how enjoyable it is to run simple errands with just one kid in tow. Multiple stops? No problem. Only a small cart? No problem. Lots of walking? No problem. Everything is just 100 times more difficult with two kids in tow. That’s why drive-thrus exist (and may I add, we need more of these, stat). I felt like I was actually enjoying my day instead of merely surviving.

And on top of that, I was reminded of how awesomely awesome my son is. Sure, he drives me crazy when he climbs on the table. But he’s also hilarious, and loving, and everything I would ever want in a son. Cue the sentimental music.

Second, let me talk about all of the things I was able to accomplish when I wasn’t scrambling trying to keep two tiny humans alive.

I am sure many of you can relate to this. When I had my daughter, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. And before she was two, I had another kid. Then I really didn’t know what I was doing.

As an extra kick in the ass, my daughter was a craptastic napper from day one and stopped napping completely before my son was even born. Remember now, I was supposed to be working from home. Let’s all get a good laugh in about that one.

That leads me to this: I cannot believe how much I was able to accomplish today! Here is a list (remember, I love lists!) of all of the things I was able to do today (before bedtime, that is):

  1. Finish my cup of coffee before it got cold (without microwaving it).
  2. Load and run the dishwasher.
  3. Take out the trash and recycling.
  4. Pay bills.
  5. Do an hour of real work (not my blog, but the boring lawyer stuff).
  6. Website stuff.
  7. Wash and dry a load of laundry (without forgetting about it when it was wet).
  8. Put real food on a plate and sit down at a table to eat lunch.
  9. Doodle.
  10. Sit quietly (ahhhhh).

Can anyone with two or more kids relate? There is so much time to get shit done when your kid naps! I can’t imagine all of the things I could have accomplished over the last four years if I would have had two hours of uninterrupted alone time every.single.day. Can you say #gamechanger?

As you can probably guess by the length and positivity of this blog post, we will be having more of these split days going forward.

What a difference a day makes.

And for those who were wondering – my daughter had an epic day in the city, complete with three train rides and a soft serve ice cream cone. Win.

Mama out.

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