Monday Motivation: Dallas Clayton – Inspiration through Children’s Art

Happy Monday, friends!

I’m kicking off this week with a vault of new ideas in my head. I’ll be starting different segments for different days of the week, which you’ll be able to sort through directly by category right here on

My goal: to show you things that I think are awesomely awesome. No, you won’t find nods to blush colored clothing for you and your minis. That’s not how I roll (but power to you if that’s how you roll… differences make the world go ’round).

My first installment is Monday Motivation.

If you’re anywhere on social media, I’m sure you’re familiar with this hashtag.

Those adorable feet you see up there belong to my daughter, and her totally awesome sneakers are designed by the uber talented Dallas Clayton.

If you aren’t familiar with Dallas Clayton, I highly recommend you check out his website by clicking here. In a nutshell, he writes inspiring children’s books with equally inspiring artwork and messages.

Imagine my absolute joy when we stopped into the Vans store for spring shoes last week and stumbled upon his new custom line of sneakers for both adults and kids. There’s the link for all of you fellow Vans fans (hey, that rhymes!) or for future Vans converts.

Bright colors and powerful messages right on my and my kids’ feet? Yes, please! I got for myself the pair with skateboarding unicorns, because skateboarding unicorns (duh!).

I love everything Dallas Clayton is about. He inspires love, hope, dreams, inclusion, individuality, learning, sharing, togetherness, thinking, feeling, good deeds, and happiness (I could go on and on) through simple messages and colorful art.

And now I and my kids get to wear his inspiring messages on our feet – #win.

Rock on, Dallas Clayton. You’re an inspiration to this mama every day.

I’ll end my first installment of #mondaymotivation with the words to the amazing sticker that came in my daughter’s shoebox. I hope it inspires you, as it inspires me, not only for my children but also for myself.

get out from your house

from your cave

from your car

from the place you feel safe

from the place that you are

get out and go skating

creating your dream

go climbing, go building

go laugh and go scream

go charging, go running

go funny, go wild!

get out from your head

and get growing dear child!

Do as Dallas says and get out there, friends! Life is waiting.

Mama out.

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