Sunday Funday: Read To Your Bunny

My next installment is up: Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday is not what it used to be pre-kid (like, not even a tad bit close). My days of sleeping in and watching too much Law & Order: SVU are long gone. Sunday is now full of early rising (kids), spilled milk (kids), running around (kids), and whining (also, kids).

I have three main facets to this little blog of mine:

  1. doodles (duh).
  2. humor (gotta laugh or you’ll cry).
  3. honesty (no “my life is totes amazeballs!” nonsense from this mama).

Here’s my honesty: the weekend is kind of annoying sometimes.

Let me explain. Sure, it’s nice to not rush out of the door in the morning. Yep, I love having my husband home for 48 hours. Duh, I love family time. However, I like routine and schedules. I don’t like having to figure out how we’re going to fill the day with activities and having to be the sole source of fun for my kids.

#badmom alert!

I’ll take a shot in the dark here and bet (hope? pray?) that some of you parents out there feel the same way. Based upon this assumption, my version of Sunday Funday is sharing something we do with our kids that they think is totally awesome, in hopes that it gives some of you other less-than-creative parents some ideas on how to pass the time.

Today’s idea: let your kids read books to you. How apropos on World Book Day!

Why do this? Well, there are three solid reasons I do this. You will potentially judge me for reason number three.

  1. Fostering my kids’ imagination and creativity – they make up their own stories based upon the pictures (which is, as an added bonus, amazingly hilarious most of the time).
  2. Further encouraging their love of reading and their sense of independence (which becomes even more awesome when your kid sounds out and correctly reads a word all on her own – #proudmama).
  3. It’s a go-to activity when I’m tired and just don’t want to talk anymore. Want to read a book to mommy? You do? Excellent! Let me just cuddle up here on this pillow for a few minutes of zen (or sleep, to be frank).

Storytime now includes one book for the kids to read to us. They love it, and we love it. Win. Win.

So, my fellow parents, if you are ever so tired that you might keel over, hand your kids a book and ask them to read it to you. You might just sneak in a nap.

I’ll leave you with the text of the book Read To Your Bunny by Rosemary Wells, a book which I have had memorized for four years and counting (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here for the Scholastic page):

Read to your bunny often,

It’s twenty minutes of fun.

It’s twenty minutes of moonlight,

It’s twenty minutes of sun.

Twenty old-favorite minutes,

Twenty minutes brand-new,

Read to your bunny often,


Your bunny will read to you.

Thanks for reading my first installment of Sunday Funday. I’ll be back next time with a brand new installment, full of more epic parenting skills from this #badmom.

Mama out.

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