Wednesday Wisdom

Happy, Wednesday, friends!

I’m back after a little hiatus (you know, life…) with my next day-of-the-week-hashtag installment:¬†Wednesday Wisdom (#wednesdaywisdom or #wisdomwednesday, depending on how you roll).

Let’s call a spade a spade: I have no idea what I am doing approximately 90% of the time, especially with my first kid.

Twenty-two consecutive years of quality education cannot prepare you for parenthood. Can I solve an equation? Sure. Diagram a sentence? Well, duh. Write a winning appellate brief? You betcha!

Can I calm a tantruming toddler? Debatable. Get two kids out of the door on time? Unlikely. Convince a preschooler to eat vegetables? No way, no how.

Parenting is a veritable crapshoot most days. But we learn from this crapshoot, don’t we?

In the spirit of learning and sharing wisdom, I bring to you Wednesday Wisdom. Here, I’ll share with you the most important and helpful things I’ve learned about parenting to date. It’s humor and honesty I have promised, so humor and honesty I shall deliver.

Onto the point…

Spring has finally sprung in these parts, and my kids are really into picking and smelling ¬†flowers. My daughter even has her own vase with faux flowers on her dresser now, since she’s still too little for the fresh-cut kind (disaster waiting to happen).

So that got me thinking about the all-too-frequently-used phrase “stop and smell the roses.”

Amongst all of the incredible ways parenthood has changed me, I’d say the most profound way has been its teaching me to, both literally and figuratively, stop and smell the roses.

Some days I want to play ostrich and bury my head in the sand. Wouldn’t that be great if you could just pretend like you couldn’t see what was going on around you? You spilled your milk all over the newly mopped floor? Didn’t see it! Too bad that’s not how life works, right?

If I can’t ignore the annoying stuff going on around me, then I might as well embrace it and look at the bright side, right?

The day-to-day of parenting is, for lack of a better word, a grind. Get up too early, wrangle everyone and get out of the door, get from place to place and activity to activity, provide three nutritious meals a day (plus snacks), bedtime battles – just to name a few logistics.

I had to rewire my brain and teach myself to actually enjoy myself amongst the chaos. My head might be spinning sometimes, but I’ve got to keep it screwed on tight. I mean, what would my kids do if I lost my head (though my husband would probably say that I’ve already lost it)?

We’re on the cusp of our daughter’s fourth birthday, and I don’t know how or when we got here. Weren’t you just born yesterday? That day is forever emblazoned in my mind and my heart as if it did, in fact, happen just yesterday.

But it didn’t. Days, weeks, months, and now years have ticked by.

Reality: it hits hard.

So what’s a sappy ol’ mama to do? Stop and smell the roses. Enjoy the moments, both big and small. Take pictures and videos. Nuzzle in my kids’ hair and snuggle them a little extra every day. Hold their tiny little hands and feet. Remember their little voices saying “I love you, mama.”

Some days, a positive perspective isn’t so easy to come by. Trust me, this mama knows.

So if you ever find your head spinning, your patience running thin, and your temper flaring up…

Just stop and smell the roses.

Mama out.




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