Stage Five Clinger: I Need To Get Out More

Hey there, people!

This weekend I went away for not even 48 hours, but it was the longest amount of time I have spent away from my kids.

When I got back, this happened (see doodle).

My kids are very attached to me. I frankly couldn’t expect anything less, considering I stay home with them every day, and when I work from home, I’m in the next room. Clearly they see a lot of me and have come to expect my presence at every turn.

So when I planned to spend the entire weekend away, they were forewarned. I’m sure there would have been hysterics when I left, except I was out of the door before they even woke up for the day. I probably dodged a bullet with that one.

They had a good weekend, but my daughter (allegedly) spent a good part of Sunday afternoon perched over the back of the couch looking out of the window waiting for my car to drive up. {insert sad face here}

When I got back… never have I seen such smiles. What a greeting. My heart burst.

My son wanted me to rock him to sleep and sing him extra songs while scratching his back. And my daughter came in with the melodrama. Apparently she thought her “dear life” was over when I left. We went over the usual Daniel Tiger “grown ups come back” stuff. You know the drill.

As cute as it was to see and hear how much they missed me, I simultaneously realized that I really need to get out more. Do I want them miss me? Yes. That’s a good thing. But thinking your life is over because mommy went away for two days? No bueno.

So my mommy resolution as of today is to get out more without my kids in tow.

Oh, how I love them. And oh, how lucky I am how much they love me. But I want them to be okay with my being gone. I think it’s good for their emotional health (and mine frankly, because a day away is extremely restorative… take it from me after a weekend away with friends).

Or maybe I’m just misreading this entire thing and my daughter is a future Oscar winner. The kid can fake cry with the best of them.

Cheers to the end of Monday.

Mama out.

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