Friday Feels: My Baby is Four

What’s up, friends?!

Welcome to my first installment of Friday Feels, where I’ll get a little sentimental on you (go grab the tissues).

Today I’m tackling my current feelings – my first baby is now four. Count them… one, two, three, four years old.

Just like that.

{I’m weeping}

My husband is equally perplexed over how we got to this point. But he is also more level-headed than I am. He often tells me: “this is what’s supposed to happen. We have to be happy.”

Yeah, I know. But it’s hard. So flipping hard.

So here I go…get ready for the sappy.

My sweet baby girl was a unicorn baby. She always smiled, never cried, and slept through the night by one month old. I was not prepared for the true realities of parenthood because she was just that easy.

She is happy, joyful, kind, generous, thoughtful, playful, creative, unique, independent, sassy, and smart as a whip.

She is destined to do great things in this world that seems to be imploding right before my eyes.

May she always be brave enough to march to the beat of her own drummer. May she dare to dream big and fail gloriously. May she kick a$$ and take numbers.

I feel like my life is an episode of Days of Our Lives. You know – “like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives…”?

There are a lot of things about me that I feel I have lost as a result of becoming a mother. But, even moreso than that loss, I have experienced a gain of a new me. A person who I didn’t even know existed in my 30 years prior to becoming a mother.

I credit my children for teaching me to let go of all of the nonsense and be myself.

For only four short years I have had the privilege to be your mommy. And while these four years do feel like they began just yesterday, they also feel like an entire lifetime. Thirty years of living was all just the prologue to my real story, with the first chapter beginning on the day you were born.

Cheers to you, baby girl. My first baby. You are everything and more. You bring color and light to my world.

This is four.

Mama out.


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