Welcome to the My Mommy Doodles Shop!

Hello, friends! Long time no see.

Summer is in full swing in these parts, which has been keeping this mama on her toes. We have been at the pool basically every day (thank goodness for the pool in this heat). My kids are finally big enough that I don’t have to hold them every second (thank you, puddle jumpers), so this summer (as opposed to last) has been a blast. No complaints here.

I have also been taking a good hard look inside of myself to figure out what I want to do with My Mommy Doodles.

I’ve decided to follow my gut, which is to continue working on art.

Blogging will still be incorporated, but in a more tangential way. I’ll still serve up my musings on parenting, but I’ll be weaving that into the backbone of this site, which is art.

Despite my affinity for white, black, and grey clothing, I am obsessed with all things COLOR (which I am sure you’ve figured out by now if you follow me on Instagram).

I’ll be selling goodies in my shop (link here). To start, I’ll have some downloads available (make your own print, mug, screensaver… you catch my drift). But I’ll be branching out as time goes on. My very first Cricut is on its way to my doorstep and should be arriving tomorrow (hooray!).

So stay tuned for cool things coming soon to My Mommy Doodles.

And of course, if you want to follow my musings on parenting, you can see all of my posts over at Fairfield County Moms Blog.

Mama out!


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