Inspiration in the Dollar Spot

Hey, friends!

If you’ve watched my Instagram stories, you probably saw that I have an awesome case of hives right now. I’m covered head-to-toe and want to scratch myself to death. Of course, during a week when I would love to just lay on the couch with ice packs and Benadryl, I have two kids (one with no school this week and the other with a short week), none of my usual childcare, a husband swamped at work, a pile of my own work I just can’t get to, and a fried mommy brain.

I don’t know what my kids will be eating for dinner (probably macaroni or chicken nuggets), they’re watching more television than I’d like, and I can’t (won’t…let’s be honest) take them outside because it’s raining.

I had just about reached my limit when I went to unwrap some stuff I got in the Target Dollar Spot a couple of weeks ago (raise hands for the Dollar Spot). In walk these pencils, which immediately spoke to me a second time (the first time being when I found them in the Dollar Spot…duh).

These pencils are reminding me of what I’m doing here in the first place (literally here on this blog and also in life in general). Here are my thoughts:

The Adventure Begins

Less than two years ago I was tired, overwhelmed, and depressed with two teeny tiny rugrats. I lived every day in survival mode just trying to get to bedtime. Some medicine, therapy, a fulfilling hobby and a blog later, I’m starting to figure out how to find joy in all of this chaos. What an adventure.

Dreaming Bigger

A couple of years ago I had no big dreams. I had spent my entire life tunnel-visioned in school, then slaving away at my job for five years, before having a baby and realizing I had no effing clue what I wanted out of my life. Starting this blog and Instagram was pretty much the first fulfilling thing I have done for myself and myself only, probably ever. My dreams matter.

Focus on Today

Right now, I’m focusing on today, like my pink pencil is reminding me to do. I’m getting a blog post up, which is 100% more than I thought I would accomplish today. I’m currently patting myself on the back, as I wrote this entire blog post with my children running in circles around me (literally).

Endless Possibilities

I have no idea where this blog will take me. Maybe nowhere. The possibilities are endless. Even if all I have is a hobby, I’m okay with that, because I’m having fun doing it. Plus, I hope I can pass on some of my newfound positivity to some of you.

Making Big Plans

I have a lot of ideas for this blog. Even if they don’t succeed, making plans is fun. Our family also has a move on the horizon, which has me excited for the future, even though I’m overwhelmed by all of the things I have to accomplish over the next nine months.

I Can and I Will

As someone who pulled an all-nighter in fifth grade, I wouldn’t classify myself as lazy. If anything I work too hard and deprive myself not only sleep but also sanity. I’m setting goals and reaching them, if it’s the last thing I do. But I’ll set some boundaries, for my sanity.

So there you have it, folks: a boatload of inspiration from a $1.00 pack of pencils from the Target Dollar Spot.

Go get ’em, people.

Mama out.


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