Thoughts on Halloween (on National Pumpkin Day)

I know I loved Halloween when I was a kid. But, during my angsty period (which lasted half of my life and is what I remember most), I deemed myself too cool to dress up for Halloween. While everyone else came up with elaborate costumes and frequented wild parties, I stayed home like a true angsty loner.

What a lame bird I was.

Here I am, just short of my 35th birthday (no comment), and my four-year-old thinks Halloween is the best.thing.ever. She picked out a costume idea months ago, and we made it from scratch. My husband has been adding creepy stuff to our house each week (skulls, gravestones, skeletons, spiders, you name it), and our kids are eating it up. We haven’t broken out the candy yet, but they know it’s coming.

Parenthood is a trip. I’m more tired and stressed out than I’ve ever been before. But I’m also happier, for so many reasons. One of those reasons is that I am now putting my angsty bullshit aside and getting in touch with my inner child – someone I lost touch with a long time ago. Remembering that little girl from thirty years ago helps me be a better parent today.

And that’s why I’ll be wearing a unicorn onesie on Halloween – for my kids (and for myself, let’s be totally honest). Maybe I can keep their angst at bay a little longer if I show them that having fun (and a good attitude) is what life is really all about.

Are you dressing up for Halloween with your rugrats?

Mama out.

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