World Kindness Day

Happy Monday, people!

We are coming off of a long (literal and figurative) weekend in this house. All four of us are under the weather, which we all know is the pits.

But, I wanted to throw a quick blog post up here for World Kindness Day.

Our kids are still little, but we’re really working on the whole “kindness matters” concept. You’re never too young to learn to have a big heart, right?

And, let’s be honest. I’m not a perfect parent. I probably let my kids watch too much television. I don’t always serve them vegetables. One time I even washed my daughter’s eye out with lemon water (in my defense, I forgot I had squeezed lemon into my water that day, but you get the idea).

Even if I’m messing up left and right, one thing I am dead serious about doing right is raising good humans.

Our world seems to be going into the toilet lately, and I have moments when I wonder what kind of world my kids will be living in when they grow older. My job as their parent is to equip them as well as I can and then watch them fly, so to speak.

My daughter is just now figuring out the concept of friends. Who does she want to play with and why? We’ve sat at the dinner table every night and had the same conversation: “You don’t have to play with everyone, but you do need to be kind to everyone.”

I wasn’t particularly popular growing up. Middle school was actually quite a struggle, one which I hope my children do not experience. Should my children grow up to bully anyone, I’ll consider their behavior my own personal failure.

Kindness goes a long way. I don’t expect my kids to be the best at anything (grades, sports, [insert activity here]). But I do expect them to be KIND. To treat everyone, no matter how alike or different from them, with respect. To give back to those who have less and to be thankful for the abundance of things they do have. The list goes on.

We shouldn’t need a designated day of the year to celebrate and encourage kindness. But, since we do, I challenge everyone to do one thing today, beyond your usual daily routine and behavior, to be KIND to someone else. Pay for someone’s morning coffee. Hold a door open for a struggling parent with a gaggle of kids. Throw some extra change into a tip jar.

Imagine the enormous global impact should everyone do even just one extra act of kindness today. Maybe your act of kindness with inspire another. And maybe your kids will do the same. And so on and so forth.

So get out there, people, and spread kindness all over the place. Throw your case of the Mondays out of the window and do some good stuff today.

Mama out.

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