My Mommy Doodles

Hey there!

I’m Hilary, an overtired, overworked, and over-caffeinated mom of two (or three, if you count my husband).

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I suffered from postpartum depression after having my second child. I was adjusting badly to having two children under two years of age (does anyone adjust well to this scenario?), and I was struggling mightily.

One day, my daughter, a chatterbox (then and now) refused to eat a raspberry at lunch, claiming it was actually a ladybug. My husband and I had been writing down all of the funny, adorable, and nonsensical things she said. But on this particular day, I decided to pull out my colored pencils and draw a cartoon instead.

In that moment, the cloud that had hovered over me since having my second child began to lift.

Since that day, I have continued to take an alternative approach to scrapbooking through doodling.

You see, despite being an artist at heart, I followed an academic path into adulthood. Rediscovering my artistic side has brought me so much joy, which in turn has made me a better person and mother.

At My Mommy Doodles, you will find all of the things that make my heart sing: doodles, crafts, bright colors, humor, and of course, my wild and crazy family.

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Welcome, friends, to!

I hope you enjoy!